When analyzing the world and its mysteries I like to translate them into analogies and associations. Coming from a traditional background in Law and working my way to creativity, I often think of myself as a square going into a circle.
~ It comes as no surprise, I’m a BIG fan of geometric shapes, grids and the aurea ratio ~
When I fully embraced my creativity I also found myself wearing multiple hats as a professional: Graphic Designer, Photographer and Craftswoman. Yes, I am also a maker at my own craft business - A Fazedeira - and it was through it that I found my passion for branding one-person business with the skills I conquered while navigating through all those career paths: graphic design, photography, analyzing and creating concepts, storytelling and crafting handmade solutions for small business.
Hope you'll find what you're looking for. I certainly am happy you made your way here and took an interest in my work. :)
Feel welcome!

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